About us

Insight into how PingYo! works

PingYo is internationally recognized as a highly responsive, flexible and compliant on-line lead generation network. We operate an extremely instalment loan affiliate program and by consistently delivering transparent pricing and competitive commissions for high quality leads, we are able to secure and deliver optimized referrals for merchants and lenders. Our ping platform is the most technically advanced in the market, providing a rapid, efficient and rewarding experience for everyone using our network.

We provide comprehensive support for loan affiliates and merchants alike. Our founders' and developers' expertise in lending, credit analysis, lead generation, marketing and technology underpin our commitment to deliver the best possible user experience, highest returns and optimized leads as standard.

The PingYo platform is technically unrivaled. Affiliates simply plug into our network via one simple integration and access an entire market of financial service providers. As leaders in the industry, we continually innovate to bring greater opportunities for growth for both lenders and affiliate partners.

We work with...

Short-term lenders

Installment lenders

Guarantor lenders

Debt management

Credit card providers

Multi Country providers

Affiliate companies and Individuals

Above all, we’re a friendly bunch so please don’t be shy. If you’d like to know more about us or know enough about us already and would like to work with us please drop us an email at partners@pingyo.com


New Lenders can benefit from joining PingYo too, whether you are just getting started or are only just beginning to look at affiliate traffic speak to us today, we can lead you through the process of how many leads and what price points you can look at, with our experience we are always on hand to offer guidance and support.